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The Sarode also spelled Sarod, is a popular Classical, and semi-classical musical instrument from India, and was said to have been created by Bharat Muni.  Known as Sarood (Melody in Parsi) in the 1700's, it is said that it was first modified  by Gulam Ali Khan, court musician to Shah Wazid Ali Shah. Greatly improved and modified by musicians like the great  Allauddin Khan, who have developed the Sarode into its present shape.

Sarodes are made by hand in one or two piece models of teak or tun wood.  Great masters of the Sarode like Ali Akbar Khan play tun Sarodes. The fingerboard is made from a metallic smooth plate which is fretless. The soundbox  is covered with skin, and has bridges which rest on the skin.The sarode has 25 metal strings of different gauges with 8 main strings.  It also has 15 sympathetic strings.  The Sarode is played with a java held in the right hand made of coconut shell.  The left hand finger tips and finger nails are used to produce the unique sounds of the Sarode.

All Sarodes come tuned to C or C# from India and are inspected by our musician-agents before shipping. Special orders are available if another key is required.

We offer one piece and two piece tun or teak Sarode with fiberglass case for Student and Professional quality.


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