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The Sitar was popularized in the West by Ravi Shankar, the sitar has between 7 -20 strings including 7 main playing strings, which are stretched over a hollow turn or teak wood neck, on to which curved nickel-silver frets are tied. The face of the instrument is carved of wood and attached to a large gourd. It may or may not have a smaller gourd attached to top of the neck. It is played with a wire plectrum or mizrab which fits over the forefinger.

Presenting the finest Student Sitars from B. D. Musics, Calcutta,India. Unsurpassed quality. All made specifically for Sitars Etc. and air shipped only from India.

Please Note: Sitar wood tones may be lighter or darker than shown on these pages.  Each Sitar is made by hand and the wood of each one is stained individually.

Please note that all our sitars come with a fiberglass case or a leatherette case.  It is included in the price. Other dealers charge extra for the cases.

We Offer SITAR Of :

Kharaj Pancham: baj, jora, laraj, kharaj, chikari pancham, chikari sa, chikari tar sa.

Gandhar Pancham: baj, jora, gandhar, chikari pancham, chikari sa, chikari tar sa.

Traditional: baj, jora, jora, gandhar, chikari pancham, chikari sa, chikari tar sa.

We Offer Student Sitar and Professional Sitar for our Esteem Clients.


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